The Princess's Heart

If I don’t have a heart, then I can’t feel any pain.

Is what Gabrielle thinks when she asks her fairy godmother to take her heart away. It is a decision that changes her life forever. For the first time in Gabrielle's life, she feels free. Gabrielle feels free enough to leave behind the grief of losing her father, the pain of living with an unbearable stepfamily, and an unrequited love. To celebrate her decision to runaway, she goes drinking and clubbing at a hot new club. Everything is going well until she passes out drunk and wakes with her leg thrown over hard muscled legs and her hand, comfortably resting on top of a well-muscled chest. What should have been a pleasant inconvenience turns into a whirlwind of cussing and well… a different kind of tussling. Can Beast win the heart Gabrielle thought she lost? Does he even want to?

Beast can’t die because he’s trapped in a curse, and he loves it. The only way to break the curse is to find and fall in love with The One who can shatter the cage that holds his heart. Of course, he has no intention of finding The One, or falling in love with her. Until one night at his club, the axis of his world tilts when he meets strong, sassy, and dirty dancing Gabrielle, The One. Beast won’t go down without a fight, he refuses to let one woman trap him into mortality, because he’s having too much fun being a wicked immortal.

The Princess’s Heart is a Fairy Tale suited for adults (18 or over).

She isn’t supposed to exist, but because she does, everything will change.

Ash's mother disappears without a trace; even Ash's memories of her are fading. Afraid of her mother's case going cold and never finding the truth, Ash sets out to investigate. Her investigation leads her to the forest where she unknowingly meets her reluctant protector Abaddon and awakens power she didn't know she has.

Abaddon is the heir to the Hell Realms. He alone knows who Ash's mother and father are, and the truth of her taboo origin. Abaddon intends to use Ash for himself but uncovers a prophecy that involves his ward. His reluctant desire to protect her brings forth a fierce passion he doesn’t expect. On the run from both Heaven and Hell; can Abaddon protect the woman who wields enough power to destroy them all?

Steady Hands Final Cover 10.5.19.jpg

"Everything that happened was leading to this; my death and resurrection, my Phoenix moment that led me to the man who would save me with his Steady Hands."

Elizabeth Spears' didn't have an easy start in life. How can she with two drug-addicted parents who are absent more than they are present? A turn of events offers her a new path out of the gang-infested neighborhood where she is hungry more than she is happy, and into Doctor Alex Park's family. Things don't go as Elizabeth expects. She isn't accepted by all of Doctor Park's Asian family. Elizabeth tries to cope with her new life as a Black girl growing up in an Asian family, but it is hard as she encounters racism and prejudice, especially from Doctor Park's son Joshua. Can Elizabeth and Doctor Park teach them the meaning of family and unconditional love? Will they accept her if she becomes a successful Doctor? 

Joshua thought his parent's divorce was the worst thing that has ever happened to him. That is until his father took in Elizabeth Spears. She has everything he wants, his father's love and devotion. It doesn't help that she does everything perfectly. Now, he has to prove to his father, her, and himself who is the best. Competition is healthy, but with so many emotional scars, things get a bit messy. And when Joshua starts to see the woman Elizabeth is versus who he makes her out to be, will he run or coax her into his Steady Hands?

An unconventional pair uncovers an uncertain future as they struggle through their pasts and navigate familial and societal pressures to embrace an unapologetic love.

Lindsay won’t apologize for living an underprivileged life. She’s doing the best she can to overcome the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy during her last year of college as a pre-law student. Her fiery determination to become a lawyer burns brighter with the birth of her son. Abandoned by friends and family Lindsay runs headlong into life unapologetically.

Through her tribulations, she gains a reluctant friend, ally and unbridled romance with Andrew Liu, who struggles with pressure from his friends and family who want him to be with anyone but a Black woman.

Lost in her efforts to achieve her goals and sealed in her circumstances, will Lindsay rise above her situation and achieve the success she’s working toward? And will she endure her fears to fall in love again?

Unapologetic is an Asian Male Black Woman romance novel.

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