MINE SERIES: Completed

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Yvette Bradford walks into work like any other day only to find out her boss has been fired and replaced by Antony Carbonaro, the rich heir to the Carbonaro group. His appearance in Yvette's life begins an inescapable spiral of events, where she discovers the truth about the Carbonaro groups Mafia connection, and is pulled into a violent and dangerous power struggle between two Mafia families. Will Yvette survive the danger that surrounds her?

Antony Carbonaro wants to prove himself to the Family, he wants to take B&E Shipping to the next level both illegally and legally, but what he doesn't know is how hard that is going to be. He walks into a mess of blackmail, embezzlement, and a distracting attraction to his President, Yvette Bradford. Antony has never been a good man, but as the danger around him intensifies, Antony finds himself falling deeper into his darkness. He can't stop until he defeats his enemies not even if it means pulling Yvette into his world of danger and darkness, unless she can resist him.
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Yvette belongs to me.

But I can't have her. I need her. I can still feel the whisper of her lips on my body, then the illusion vanishes. My fiancee Ana replaces her, a woman I never wanted, but I need her too. I need her connections to keep my promise to my father. He made me promise to take it all, to reign supreme over the four Families. I need Ana to make me King but I need Yvette to complete me. The problem is, one of them needs to Release Me.
Saved Me Final Cover.jpg
Yvette didn’t think she was going to survive her kidnapping. She didn’t think he would come for her, but he did.

Antony Carbonaro, the reigning Kingpin of New York, crosses an ocean to save the woman he loves. Now, it's Yvette's turn to save him. With new and old enemies closing in on all sides can Yvette protect the man she loves one last time, or will they both die in this final epic battle?

Experience Yvette and Antony’s final chapter, in the gripping conclusion of the Mine Series.


KING SERIES: Completed

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What does the crown prince to the Vampire throne do when he is too young to save the people he loves? He runs away, that’s what Dimitri does when his parents are murdered. Time was what he needed to overcome his enemies, now he is older, stronger, and ready to avenge his family. His destiny won’t wait any longer. His time is now.

Join Dimitri's journey from boy to man and from man to King.

Due to sexual and explicit language content this book is suitable for readers over 18.
*Second Edition*
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Vampire King Dimitri Cross is fighting for his Kingdom and the woman he loves, using his own rules.

After Dimitri seized the throne, he thought things would go his way. But Dimitri is forced to enter an agreement that cost him his true love, Phoenix Gray. Tormented by the loss of his love, Dimitri turns his attention to removing his enemy Nidug, the Unseelie King from the Kingdom. In the process, Dimitri finds an unexpected ally in the quirky but beautiful Seelie Queen. Teaming up with the Seelie Queen Priscilla and her fey warriors, Dimitri takes on the Unseelie King. Can Dimitri win the fight for his Kingdom and the woman he loves before it is too late?
Broken Destiny Final Cover 10.5.jpg
Priscilla is caught by her enemy, abandoned by her family, and betrayed by her dragon lover. But she refuses to stay down. Driven by her need for revenge against all who’d forsaken her, Priscilla struggles to escape her captors.
But will her heart betray her?

*This is a standalone origin story set in the King Series World.*

Early Readers Are Saying...
"This is a Must Read."
"Loved it."
"Couldn't put it down."

*Recommended for readers 18 years or older. This book contains mature themes and explicit language.



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Is personality more important than looks?
Is stability more important than wealth?
A few extra pounds are better than washboard abs, right?

Isabella, Rachel, Jackie, and Cassidy are best friends who desire love and affection, but all they get is humiliation and rejection. The four friends hatch a plan to try something different. They decide to initiate the Level Down experiment.
Join their journey’s where they try dating men who aren’t the hottest or wealthiest hoping by doing so it will spare their hearts. Will they be successful in love?

Isabella’s Breakdown:
Isabella doesn’t take her breakup well. In fact, she breaks down during the breakup. Tired of being thrown aside, she is the first of her friends who Levels Down and meets Konner Wade.

Konner Wade is a superstar who’s sick of playing games with his heart. He wants someone who will love him for his winning personality, not his good looks and money. Konner decides to get his makeup artist to alter his appearance; then he creates an online dating account under his alternate persona. He meets Isabella. Will she be the one for him? Or will his lies tear them apart?



Hidden in Flame Cover.jpg
Perfect for fans of Victoria Aveyard, Elly Blake and K.F. Breene

Action packed fantasy adventure with a strong heroine.

Where there's fire, there are dragons.

Disguised as a boy, Aquilla is drawn into a world of slavery and prejudice under a tyrant king, where she's forced to work in a cave building an underground castle, an entirely impossible task.

Within the depths of darkness, Aquilla finds her true strength and purpose. No longer will she be a victim; no longer will she watch as others are hurt, she is ready to fight back, and her target is the tyrant king himself.



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A woman’s dead body is found in a park missing a single red shoe, but that is all Holmes needs to embark on an investigation that will lead him to uncover a conspiracy that will shake the foundation of everything he knew about his small town until now. Holmes will need his friends, wits, and quirky personality to uncover the truth, all without missing his high school graduation.

The Game is Afoot.