Happy Independence Day

In 1776 a document was created that laid the foundation of the United States of America. I wonder what those men thought as they penned the document? Did they doubt themselves? I bet at least a few of them questioned if the monumental undertaking would succeed. Thank goodness they weren't the majority.

I re-read the Deceleration of Independence, and I was impressed all over again by the well written content of the document. Specifically, I find the part about fundamental God-given rights that no man should have the ability to take away insightful. In 1776, a congress of men gathered on an auspicious day to stand up against a bully and take his power over them/us away.

In 2020, we have our share of bullies, and we have our share of injustices. Many injustices can be traced to a delinquent government that, by all accounts, appears to have lost its purpose. I don't possess the charisma to inspire greatness in others. Still, I always hope that one day, someone will rise within our modern era filled with the spirit of our forefathers and set to rights the wrong things. To ensure we maintain a nation built on the obtainment of equality on the credit of our God-given rights as human beings and to continue supporting a free market economy.

Today is a day of reflection and celebration! No matter what race or ethnicity you belong to, today, we celebrate freedom for all men and women in their pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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