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“Lestrade will meet us at the house at five sharp. We mustn’t be late, so do not meddle with the rats?”

“What are you talking about, Holmes?”

“Keep up, Watson, my god.”

“Holmes, I think you had another one of those imaginary conversations with me. You know, the ones when I’m not around, and you just keep talking. You really should let me open you up and take a peek inside that mind of yours. I have been working on this new formula that will allow someone to plant or discover memories through sleeping. I am so close to being done with that one, I think, maybe I did finish it. I can’t recall.”

“Watson, focus, woman. Maybe I didn’t tell you and thought I did, but there will be a murder tonight, and we are going to stop it.”

“We?” Watson asked.

“You, me, and Lestrade. Mostly, Lestrade, but we will be there.”

“Sounds like fun. Will I be able to examine any dead bodies? I have a scientific theory that may assist the corners in determining a precise time of death. I would have finished this one, but I lack blasted rats.”

“No, we are there to prevent the dead bodies.”

“Oh, then I don’t want to go.”

“You have to you are something like my sidekick.”

“I didn’t sign up for that.”

“I think you inherited it.”

“Take it back.”

“Don’t be silly.”

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